During the pandemic WEMS will only be offering at the van or pick-up/drop-off sharpening of orders of ten items or more for a flat rate of $6.00 per item. To minimize contact and maintain social distancing payments can be made through this link: https://checkout.square.site/pay/43bc229a02f34e1d84be5b096b02648f

Cost of Sharpening Per Blade

We accept cash, checks, and Farmer Bucks.

Small Knives (steak, paring, tourne) $
Large Knives (chef, carving, butcher’s) $
Ceramic Knives $
Folding Pocket Knives $
Scissors $
Circular Pizza Cutters $
Food Processor Chopping “S” Blades $
Circular “Deli” Meat Slicer Blades $

Contact us for quotes on other commercial cutting and slicing edges.

Gardening Tools

Hand Pruners $
Axes and Hatchets $
Loppers $
Hedge Shears $

Sorry, we do not sharpen hand saw, chain saw, or lawn mower blades.