Getting your knives and hand tools sharpened as conveniently as possible helps our customers maintain the best edges for their equipment.

Cost of Sharpening Per Blade

We accept cash, checks, and Farmer Bucks.

Small Knives (steak, paring, tourne) $5
Large Knives (chef, carving, butcher’s) $7
Ceramic Knives $7
Folding Pocket Knives $7
Scissors $8
Circular Pizza Cutters $5
Food Processor Chopping “S” Blades $7
Circular “Deli” Meat Slicer Blades $12

Contact us for quotes on other commercial cutting and slicing edges.

Gardening Tools

Hand Pruners $8
Axes and Hatchets $8
Loppers $10
Hedge Shears $12

Sorry, we do not sharpen hand saw, chain saw, or lawn mower blades.