Service During the Pandemic


We are all adjusting to challenges that Covid-19 is bringing us. Restaurants are limited to carry-out only. People are sheltering in place and preparing more meals at home. Here in Ohio many businesses have been ordered closed if not considered to be providing an essential service. One of several essential services in Ohio, as defined by Governor DeWine’s statement, are ones that aid in food production and distribution. Sharp knives and harvesting tools are essential to that need, so Winning Edge Mobile Sharpening (WEMS) is remaining open.

WEMS is making some changes to our process to limit exposure and maintain social distancing recommendations. WEMS is offering pick-up/drop-off services of orders of ten items or more to be sharpened or, weather permitting, we will do “on-site” sharpening at the van. We will coordinate with you so you can leave the items in a container at your residence or business in a location that you are comfortable with. When completing the sharpening process, we will, as always wipe the knives and tools down with a 70% isopropyl alcohol solution. This removes any polishing compound residue from the edges and is an antibacterial first aid antiseptic.

To aid our customers in these challenging times, WEMS will charge a flat-discount rate of only $6.00 per item to be sharpened for this ten-item-minimum initiative. We have set up an online payment system that can be accessed through this website.

This will be the only form of payment we will be accepting so we can limit everyone’s level of contact.

Thank you and be well,