Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sharpen serrated knives?

Yes, we do! We use a process that, unlike most mechanical sharpeners, will not grind off the teeth on serrated knives.

Can you sharpen ceramic knives?

Yes, our process and equipment will sharpen ceramic knives without the high risk of breakage that is common with brittle ceramic knives.

Do you need a power source for on site sharpening?

No, WEMS primarily uses a self-contained solar power system to run its equipment. We also have quiet generator backup if needed.

How long does it take?

This can vary with the type and variety of knives, but the average is around 20 minutes to sharpen half a dozen knives.

What is the best way to safely bring my knives to the market?

¬†Wrap them in a towel. Lay your knives out on a towel, spacing them so they don’t touch once the towel is rolled up. After laying them out, fold the edges of the towel over the tips and hilts, then roll them up in the towel. Secure the towel ends with rubber bands or tape.